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Hey Awesome over 50’s, who says Winter’s are just long and boring?

If you think festivals and fun are just for Summer, I’ve got a list of some great things to do when it’s cold out there…

Winter festivals are becoming very popular so bundle up, make sure you have enough gas in the tank, snow tires, windshield washer fluid and get out there!
Here are my TOP 5 festivals or carnivals (do a search and see if there’s one near you)…

  1.  ICE CARVINGS, simply amazing and best to see at night when many of them have a light show to enhance the creativity of the art. Many artists show up from all over the world to exhibit. Worth a long drive or short flight to see some of these. There’s usually a large festival as well with great food and warm drinks
  2.  SPORTSFESTS, this is where talent meets snow. From acrobatic ski jumping through to skating I simply marvel at how these amazing athletes can have so much talent for something that makes them go out in the cold every Winter’s day. See their talent and cheer them on.
  3.  POLAR-BEAR LAKE PLUNGES  These people may be a bit crazy but I have to admit it’s growing on me. I’ll check with my doctor to see if I can do this and then I have to get up the nerve, but in the time being , it’s fun to watch in my winter coat and boots.
  4.  OUTSIDE ART DISPLAYS  Next week I will go to the boardwalk near our lake and look at art sculptures by the beach. These are of course temporary but they show the immense talent of artists set beside a beautiful natural winter back drop.
  5.  ICE WINE FESTIVALS  Got to be one of my favorites, besides the wine tasting there are culinary demonstrations of parings such as desserts and cheeses. Will book a quaint bed and breakfast for this one and take a cab so I can enjoy this rare ice wine beverage..
    So there you have it. Don’t just go grocery shopping, do chores or binge watch a TV series this weekend.
    Get out there and experience a whole new season of festivals, folks and fun and make it an “awesome” new discovery for those boring winter weekends.