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Hey Awesome over 50’s…

For all of us who are experiencing a Winter of snow, sleet, freezing rain and blizzards I say “Keep Calm and Trudge On”!
When I look at my little dog dancing in the snow (even though he looks kind of miserable in this photo) it inspires me to think of 5 ways I could be enjoying this season a bit more.

Let’s talk for a moment about an inspirational type of Winter, my 5 top ways to enjoy it

1. Imagine bundling up on a beautiful night where there’s a delicate snowfall and as you glance upward the snowflakes gently land on you as you take a Winter wonderland walk.

2.  Holding a warm coffee or hot chocolate in your mitts and putting a blanket down on a bench as you overlook a frozen lake or the magical Christmas postcard look of evergreens in a forest.

3. Building a snowman, carrots, scarf and all!

4. Finding a weekday daytime ski resort where you can snow-ski, cross-country ski or even try my new favorite “tubing”

5. Go for an skate (safely if it’s on a pond or lake folks). I once skated for miles on a shallow lake just around the shoreline after freezing rain. I also enjoy the city skating rinks at night when the crowds leave.

The loveliest time for me after a Winter escapade is coming home. Even though I’m a little chilly I love cuddling up on the couch with a warm drink and blanket as I relax from not only the exercise but all the fresh air that makes me feel “awesome”.