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Hey Awesome ones,

So although we all know that true beauty comes from the inside, I’m noticing that some mature, over 50 women must be following some of the younger women videos or having a mall makeup counter person put on a make-up that looks…well… too made-up.

As we age (I’m 62) I notice that layering on FACE POWDER, BRONZER AND EYE MAKEUP to name a few, just accentuates our wrinkles and sometimes makes us look cakey or dated.

Now I was an 80’s model and still modelling now, so I’ve learned a thing or two about tips and techniques from makeup artists. So… I’ve done this video on the TOP 10 MAKEUP MISTAKES FOR MATURE WOMEN.  It’s full of “don’ts” plus a brief summary on each with solutions to the faux pas.

I’m so happy to have new subscribers every day on our You Tube channel (Awesome over 50) and I recently had a comment from a lady who is over 50 and just starting to get into makeup again after 50 years without it.

Our motto here at Awesome over 50 is “Life starts Now”.  Ease into the makeup if you’re in a similar situation and follow some of my guidelines. You’ll usually find that I prefer a natural look to FOUNDATION, CONTOURING, EYE BROWS,  EYE SHADOWS and MASCARA applications.

I really hope this and my other beauty how-to videos help you feel confident with makeup techniques and perhaps give you a little glow, sparkle and highlight your beautiful, awesome self.