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Hey Awesome ones,

Last week seems to be sending me a message.

I’ve witnessed SAND SCULPTURES that are as beautiful as any ancient artifact. I’ve watched AIRPLANES FLYING IN PERFECT FORMATION at amazing air speeds. I also marveled as a lovely gentleman carefully BALANCED ROCKS on top of one another for 5 hours to create a totem-pole-style masterpiece for all of us to enjoy and gasp in amazement.

The one denominator between all was they all had PATIENCE. Patience in their learning, perfecting and the patience to wait and see if anyone is watching.

As I reach my mature years it seems that I am still being tested on my patience. Whether it’s a 93 year old mother-in-law in need of consistent help as she wants to stay in her own home to our adult children who sometimes seem to want to push our buttons. I also find the life of an entrepreneur to be one of patience as I blog, vlog and sometimes wonder “is anybody watching”?

As I watched a rock meticulously applied to another I pondered how the others in the row didn’t teeter or fall. I realized the metaphor that “this is life”. We need to keep the balance, patience and even a sense of achievement as we move through our days and not take a swing and knock it all down.

Meditation, empathy and love are our guides to center everything and keep it beautiful, and with that, life can be awesome.