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Hey Awesome ones,

Are you still lugging around a huge purse, tote or handbag?

If you’re over 50 you could be doing some harm to your spine or back.

I know we all have our old habits of grabbing our big purse that still has the same old stuff we put in it in our twenties. I know that one day I looked at a small purse, wallet and credit card holder and asked myself …”could I get my usual day-to day items in a small handbag?”  The answer was “YES” (after a bit of organizing techniques) and I now find I throw my cross-body purse over my shoulder 90% of the time and the weight of it is so light, I hardly know I have it on!

I did a video on “What’s in my Small Purse” that you might enjoy. It has great organizing tips and also shows you how to organize a big handbag on those days you may need your sunglasses, umbrella etc…

I also have had many requests as to where you can find and purchase similar items such as my small purse, small wallet, credit card sorter, mini pocket shoes, antishine cream for your makeup touch ups and lipstick holders with mirrors. Here is the link to the page within this blog

I am so glad I converted to a purse that’s lightweight and can be free up both my hands with it’s crossbody style.

I hope you take the plunge and save your back and spine and with keeping yourself healthy, help your life to be a little more awesome.