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Hey Awesome ones, I have to admit that some of the news lately has affected my daily life.

It’s hard not to shed a tear, worry or even obsess about some of the stories and events that we see and hear on a daily basis.

Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or over 50 like me it seems that fear, confusion, and even anger are emotions that seep into our day to day routines.

Although there is much we can do in comforting the children in our lives, what about the adult children, friends and relatives?

I’ve noticed from my own experience that the elderly seem to spend much of their days watching the news. A visit (and maybe suggesting to change the channel once and awhile) helps but a gentle hug and talking about some personal good news goes a long way to brighten their day. The same goes for the water cooler talk or our social events. Although it’s natural for many to talk about dire topics there comes a time where a little good news can be interjected into the conversion. Someone has to start the ball rolling though, so how about you?
You’ll know you’ve put a little light into everyone’s world when you look around and notice you’re not the only one wearing a bright beautiful smile.