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Who says you can’t rock a hoody. tee and jeans when you’re over 50?!

Now I’m not talking about looking like a 20 year old by adding 3 large tattoos. I’m talking about finding a great white tee shirt, hoody ( a white one goes great with jeans) white sneakers and stretchy jeans (yep, we need stretchy or dinners out are unbutton-the-fly-time)

You need to also OWN this look. Try it out at least 5 times and don’t discount it as an impulse buy.

This comfy, practical hoody sat in my closet for almost a year before I ventured out in it. I thought it was “too young for me”,  a phrase I’ve learned to answer “Oh, yeah, let’s see about that!”.
It turns out that just because I saw so many young people in hoodies I felt insecure. It wasn’t until I actually wore it out that I thought, “I can rock this!! (and the pocket and hood for unexpected rain was an extra bonus, what a fabulous jacket for Spring, Summer and Fall. Even just having it in your car is great for when your forget your umbrella!)

You deserve to have that youthful feeling as I did as you slip into your new look and head out for the day.
It’s all about enpowering yourself and having confidence…ready?… dress… go!

Hey…  LOOK AT YOU, you’re almost skipping with a youthful pep in your step! You loved it when you bought it, you crossed the boundaries of what the stigma is and set your own limits to keep ’em guessing about your age.

Spring, Summer and Fall, this is now my quick go-to look and I hope you’re inspired to considering making it one of yours too!