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Hey Awesome over 50’s,

The other day my daughter suggested we have a paint party.

Being a creative person and always interested in an evening that has the word “party” in it I was up for the challenge.
First we picked an idea for a painting that would interest us.¬† Next, we went over to a local painting supply store, picked our canvases, paint and brushes, grabbed a few take-out snacks and headed home to our dining room (make-shift studio). Covering the floors and table, we laid out the brushes, paint, paper plates which acted as pallets, munched on a few snacks, put on a little creative mood music and with beverages in hand we looked at each other and said “party on!”

Maybe it was the Italian snacks or the red wine, but I became an impressionist right then and there. Splashing the paint with broad brush strokes I hardly ever washed a paint brush, instead I just mixed and blended and like a true artist. Standing back I would marvel at my impressionist style background. The streetcar was a little more composed but I was still a little eccentric painting it.

Now you might find that you’re more of a still life style painter or want to paint your favorite sunset, botanicals, or perhaps you just want a big bristle brush and want to draw an abstract design to go with your decor (just make sure you get a big enough canvas for that). I suggest, “just go for it”, it’s fun and should stay that way. Even if your still life of your dog looks like an odd Picasso painting it’s still a day that can be awesome.

Here are the 10 Best Things to have at your Paint Party…

  • Have the party painters tell you the canvas size you need and purchase it for them
  • Large White and Black (ACRYLIC) paint (oils are messy, smelly and don’t dry that quickly)
  • Newspapers or plastic to cover up tables and floors, sturdy paper or foam plates to act as pallets
  • At least 10 colors of paint in tubes (acrylic) remember you can blend with others to make new colors
  • Big, mid-size and small detail brushes (enough for everyone to have at least one)
  • Hanging kits so your party goers can hang their paintings at their homes
  • Blow dryer to dry the canvases before the artists leave
  • Mood music for creativity
  • Beverages, of course but not too much alcohol especially if doing a painting that needs a steady hand
  • Snacks, forget about a full course dinner, you’re up and down a lot, this painting is exercise!Now the whole amount above (enough for 6 painters) should cost you about $90. for paints and brushes and $20.- $40. for each canvas , depending on size. Hanging fixtures can be added to this or the painters can buy their own (I just put 2 nails on the wall and hung the painting on top of them). So that works out to about $15. per person for paints and brushes. You can make it a pot-luck for snacks and beverages, have the party-goers chip in for their own canvases and voila, you’ve got a paint party! Remember that for the slower painters (like me) you may need at least 5 hours for them to finish. Maybe invite everyone over for an afternoon so the slow pokes or perfectionists can have time to create their masterpieces.Find your creative ability, have some fun, put your painting on a wall and marvel at how “awesome” you are!


Here’s a link if you prefer having your paint supplies delivered and “thanks” for shopping with us
AMAZON Paint Party Supplies Online