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Join Bill, myself and our little Yorkie… Hurricane, as we visit a dog festival.  Now this isn’t a dog show where all the dogs are poofed up, pretty and prance around in a show area, nope… this is where good old fashioned mutts and purebreds come together for a day of sniffing, shopping and watching the trick dogs do their thing. Join us on this video as we let our dogs lead us for a change.
We found some great products similar to what little Hurricane likes and if it’s an Amazon link we do make a bit of commission so “thanks” for that! …but also we found some links to the products and services in some of the booths featured. Since these hard working entrepreneurs are mainly self employed or husband and wife teams we are linking right back below to their websites. Please take a moment to visit their online stores and shop around. Thanks in advance from these hard working entrepreneurs, I know it’s much appreciated! Also, please check out if your country can be delivered to and the shipping and tax/duty charges.

Dog Hats   Hats and Caps for Dogs  (Amazon)

Dog Bandanas and scarfs  Dog Bandanas and Scarfs   (Amazon)

Portable Water Bottles for Dogs  Portable Dog Water Bottles    (Amazon)

Carrying Bag for Small Dogs  Carrying Bags for Small Dogs    (Amazon)

Puppia Dog Harness  Puppia Dog Harness     (Amazon)

T-Shirts for your Dog  Dog T-Shirts    (Amazon)

Strollers for your Dog  Strollers for Dogs    (Amazon)

Organic Dog Food  Organic Dog Food    (Amazon)

Organic Dog Treats  Organic Dog Treats    (Amazon)

Custom Portraits & Fine Prints of your Dog   by Elizabeth Holmes

Dog Wheelchairs    by Walkin Wheels

Dashhound Rescue of North America    Contact for a rescue near you

Homemade all natural dog treats with cricket power    Natural Dog Treats

Canadian Dashhound Rescue     Ontario Dashhound Rescue

Adopt a Pet    North America’s Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption