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Hey Awesome ones,

I decided to do this video on fashionable boots and although many snow boots can be fashionable, I decided to stick with the boot styles you can wear most of the year. Some of the boots are casual, some would work for business environments and one pair is not only functional but also for fun!
I have provided links here to similar boots in the video but not an exact match. (Scroll down on this page to find them) We have below some links if you would like to browse and perhaps purchase some of them. If you do order online make sure you know any delivery costs for your country including any applicable duty.  Look also at the upper right hand corner of the website and they may have an area to pick your country.  A big “Thank You” if you do since we make a little commission on a sale and really appreciate that!! 

Rubber Rain Boots Ankle Height for Women   Ankle Height Rubber Rain Boots for Women   (Amazon)

Rubber Rain Boots High Cut Height for Women   Rubber Rain Boots High Calf for Women   (Amazon)

High Heel Ankle Boots   Leather High Heel Ankle Boots   (Amazon)

High Heel Calf Height Boots   Leather High Heel Calf Height Pointy Toe Black Boots   (Amazon)

Low Heel Calf Height Boots   Leather Low Heel Calf Height Boots   (Amazon)

Brown Leather Booties Low Heel   Brown Leather Booties Low Heel   (Amazon)

Vegan Boots (there is a selection here so make sure they say vegan)   Vegan Boots for Women   (Amazon)

Suede Black Ankle Boots for Women   Suede Black Ankle Boots for Women   (Amazon)

Dog Booties  (look for the right size for your dog)    Dog Booties   (Amazon)