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Hey Awesome over 50’s, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, will you make it awesome? Here are my Top 10 gift ideas…

#1. Chocolate Truffles and a “Love” CD …Pick out a box of high-end chocolate truffles and wrap them up with a soulful CD (or download them on their MP3 player) such as Rod Stewart’s Soulbook, Seal’s “Soul”, or whatever music you’re into. Just make sure it ends up being mood music for, you know,… the chocolate.
#2. Contribute to a Dinner Together… Maybe he BBQs a steak while she sets up a table by the fireplace. Appetizers, candles, music, decadent dessert … Oh my!!
#3.  An Espresso Coffee Maker or Pod Coffee Maker … This is a present that gives immediately. Include some espresso coffee, milk and an incredibly decadent dessert and you’re on your way…just expect to stay up all night… on the caffeine.
#4. Old Fashioned Movie-Date… Choose a great romantic comedy or tear jerker (usually the woman knows what to choose…sorry guys, but Die Hard isn’t in this category) and sit in the back row. It feels so naughty back there but that’s what so good about it!
#5.  A Dozen Red Roses … Ok I know you’re saying… “How boring” but hey if you’re a guy reading this you should know that most women still love long stemmed red roses. Surprise her at work and she’ll feel extra special. Save  money and get her red carnations? Well that’s thrifty of you but I wouldn’t suggest it this time. It’s red roses or choose another type of gift…like the next idea…
#6.  A Gift Basket … Hey women, they even have masculine ones for guys! Choose according to your budget from fruits to nuts, pamper, chocolate, gourmet etc..The gift basket company will even write out your special “love message” and put it on a gift card. How easy is that? Special note here though…flowers and gift baskets leave no room for procrastination. Get your order in early before they’re all booked up.
#7.  Get a Great Wine… with a few add-ons to the gift such as specialty cheeses, pate, crackers, grapes etc… You could even add a few keepsakes such as a glass wine decanter, fancy pate knives etc…The main part of the gift will be gone quickly but the night will linger on.
#8.  Give some Culture..If you really want to get out to a restaurant maybe choose something other than the same old steakhouse. Maybe Japanese (try the California rolls before you get into the raw fish sushi), Greek, Thai etc… Even if it turns out to be “not your cup of tea” so to speak, it will be fun and exciting trying new things on a deliciously different menu.
#9.  Spa Stuff… Peppermint foot cream, healthy fruit, green tea in individual mini teapots, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (from a bakery ) .. add a couple of robes and a cozy fire (or DVD of a glowing fireplace on the TV) and instant Spa-Time…nothing like a little R&R (romance and romance)
#10.  A Promise I wanted to make the last thing to give your loved one a promise of romance. There are only a few February the 14th left in your lifetime together. How about making a promise that every 2 weeks for one night it’s date-night. Use some of the ideas here and keep it special. If you have that one-in-a–million person in your life preserve the romance and cupid will smile on you forever.
Have a love-ly, awesome day!