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Hey awesome ones,

Whether you’re planning a few mini vacations near where you live or simply need to find something close-by to fit into this year’s budget, I’ve got my Top Ten Summer Stay-cation ideas for you.

#1.  Get a day pass to a nearby hotel pool. Most people don’t know that many hotels and motels will sell you a day pass to the recreational facilities for a fraction of a cost of a room. Pick a warm day, make sure the pool is open and get there early, those comfy loungers go fast.

#2. Visit local wineries or craft beer facilities. Nowadays it seems you’re not far from a local establishment that serves tasty beverages. Book nearby accommodations for the evening, get a cab or designated driver and enjoy one that serves a meal with parings. Delicious!

#3. Visit a day spa and, well… spend the day! Don’t just get a fast pedicure or 15 minute Swedish massage. This time spend the day, have a smoothie and a healthy meal and lounge around in a comfy white robe until they kick you out.

#4. Check out a great bed and breakfast. You don’t have to be in another country to enjoy a terrific B&B. There are many in-town, farm or riverside homes and inns that will give you that vacation feeling as they go out of their way to pamper, treat and feed you delicious meals. Just get your own washroom, trust me it worth it.

#5. Visit a nearby historic hotel for the night. Many of these charming hotels have been renovated and have up to date bedding and requirements we’re used to. Whether you’re having high tea or a scrumptious old-fashioned dinner with antique silverware check out a classic hotel for a walk down a historic memory lane.

#6. Pick a great event in your home town and get there early. There are so many local Jazzfests, street festivals and food-fests these days. Don’t miss the next one and bring some extra cash for the sidewalk sales and pop-up booths with their bargain sales and unique handmade finds.

#7. Scout out a perfect picnic spot near a river, lake or park and go there for the day. Instead of just boring sandwiches pack coolers of cheeses, pates, crackers, fresh fruit, lemonade, tapenades, a thermos of coffee and a decadant dessert. Relax and say “Yum”!

#8. Swap homes with a friend or relative for a weekend.  A word of caution here…you really have to know and trust this person. But… just think of it. If you live on the outskirts of town on a farm or have a big yard and they live in a condo with great amenities in the big city, well… they may need the quiet and relaxation and you might need the night-life to get your groove on again.

#9. Rent a convertible. Most car rental companies rent convertibles in the Summer months. Many have bargains for 2 day packages. Pick a route where you can cruise with the wind in your hair and even get a bit of sun. Just remember to bring a towel or two, those leather seats are hot when the sun beats on them. Ouch!

10. Stay at home. This one can be tricky but if you think you can stay at home without looking or nagging about the honey-do list, how about this idea… Turn your home into a get-away. Shop for homemade jams, breakfast items, breads and spreads. Get a great bottle of wine or craft beers. Buy a special item like terry white robes and just enjoy. Pick out on-demand movies or shows that you have always meant to watch and spend the time truly relaxing. After all the Fall will be here soon and the lazy days of Summer will just be another distant memory.