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Hey Awesome ones!
Soon Mother’s Day will be here so I thought I would talk to all the wonderful Mothers out there and have a little bit of chat with you.  I’d love to share this Mother’s day blog with you, even though I wrote it quite a while ago.
Here it is… As a Mom I know it’s one of the toughest jobs in the world. It’s a position however that I graciously accept. I have a self-employed business job and it keeps me very busy. I’m always on call however, for the frantic babysitters or teachers and of course from the kids themselves.  There’s no over-time pay or monetary compensation for all those hours I’ve spent in the hospitals waiting for someone to say, “she’ll be all right”.  I’ve educated myself on childhood illness and proper nutrition, I’ve schooled myself on bullying prevention so that I can be better aware and help them when they need me the most.  For all of this I’m not able to get a better job or put a diploma on my wall but it’s still all worth it.  I know I speak for all Mom’s when I say that something magical happens when the doctor puts that wonderful bundle of joy in your arms for the first time. They look up to you really helpless, but I know that there is love looking back. I know I’m going to make a life long commitment not because I have to, but because something magical just changed inside me, I’m now a Mother.  On Mother’s Day many of us may receive gifts, some big, some small. Sometimes it’s just a phone call or text with a smiley emoji. Some Mom’s won’t receive anything at all.  If you are one of those Mom’s I hope and I pray that time heals you. I know for myself I am one of the lucky ones. I do hear from my children. I have such an attitude of gratitude and I know that many Moms want to thank YOU.  I’m so grateful that when my kids were hurting they told me that something hurts. I’m grateful that they shared their dreams with me. Sometimes they even take on my personal habits, hopefully some of the good ones LOL. I’m finding it’s wonderful being a Mother and I’m most grateful for this thought… if before you were born, you had a choice… thank you so much for choosing ME.