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Hey Awesome ones, although my baking of cookies turned out delicious this ended up being a funny attempt of me trying to bake & decorate Christmas cookies. I’m trying to keep up the tradition of baking holiday and Christmas cookies including gingerbread men, shortbread cookies, no bake recipes & more but I got off to a funny start. It was almost a fail in the decorating of them but they did taste delicious when I was finished even though some looked weird. Although this blog & video channel attracts men & women over 50, this baking video could be a great tutorial for those in their twenties, thirties & forties too. Although I give tips on how to bake there are a few tips on what not to do too in this funny vlog. (scroll down to find some of the baking items & tools featured in this video)

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Choose your Vitamix    Vitamix   (Amazon)

Choose from a selection of hand held mixers    Hand Held Mixers   (Amazon)

Christmas Cookie Cutter Shapes to choose from    Christmas Cookie Cutter Shapes   (Amazon)

Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter Shapes    Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter Shapes   (Amazon)

Cookie Wire Cooling Racks    Cookie Cooling Racks   (Amazon)

Baking Sheets and Cookie Trays    Cookie Trays   (Amazon)

Mixing Bowls    Mixing Bowls   (Amazon)

Rolling Pins    Mixing Bowls   (Amazon)

Basting Brushes    Basting Brush for Baking   (Amazon)

Parchment Paper    Parchment Paper   (Amazon)

Cake Mate Icing    Cake Mate Icing   (Amazon)

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