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Hey Awesome over 50’s … my beach is an oasis.  I found it about 12 years ago and it out-shines all others. Now even though a resort actually owns it, in my mind it’s my own personal escape.

I have a photo of my beach on my wall. As I look out the window on a bleak Winter’s day my eyes dart back to the beach and I utter a silent sigh.

We all should have a beach that we know we belong to when we are over 50.  If you’re like me you’ve chosen a quiet stretch of ocean with only a few people milling about and no crowds. A place where you can see your toes in the crystal waters and float in the salt sea. Somewhere where the minutes melt into hours and you can feel the tension lift from your tired, stressed out body.

In our later years many of us have only “so many vacations left”. Only a limited amount of times to savour the spiritual healing our beach gives us.

My wish is that all of my “awesome over 50” community find their beach and enjoy what a truly awesome part it plays in their life.


Here are a few links that can help you find or get back to “Your” beach…

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