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Hey Awesome ones,

If you want to treat yourself to amazing craft, food, jewelry and art finds visit one of your local craft or art shows.

Today I’m browsing around the One-of-a-kind show in Toronto. I had to limit my video to just 7 products (scroll down for their online store links) for the sake of time but I could have easily shown over 20 incredible crafts, art pieces, fashion finds and innovative  inventions. The 7 items I chose to feature are all different in their own ways but I’m sure at least one of them may peak your interest. Since these hard working entrepreneurs are mainly self employed or husband and wife teams we are linking right back below to their websites. Please take a moment to visit their online stores and shop around. Thanks in advance from these hard working entrepreneurs, I know it’s much appreciated! Also, please check out if your country can be delivered to and the shipping and tax/duty charges.

Lava Rock Bracelets for Aromatherapy

Actual One-of-a-kind Whiskey Stones for On-the-Rocks drinks

Handmade Jewelry for Women

Fun Aprons for Men & Women

Satin Pillow Cases (1 pillow case per package)

Natural Deodorants

Camisole-Undershirt Style Protective Undergarments