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Hey Awesome over 50’s,

We call them mother/daughter days but they could be father/son or any other version of a special day to bond with your children.

As we look back in our memories it’s the moments where we shared a special bond that we keep in our hearts.

Sometimes as my children get older I think that they are too busy to spend a day with me but I know if we plan it in advance it will happen. Sure there are Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter gatherings but they all tend to blend into one setting in my mind. They’re lovely but scattered with visions of cooking over a stove and the dreaded clean-up.

Now yesterday’s “day at the spa” was awesome.  My mind was clear and I felt like mushy jello as I relaxed and let my senses experience pure joy with my two girls. I could feel that maternal bond of a mother’s love as we kicked back for over 6 hours swimming, hot tubing, getting massages, laughing and sipping our pina coladas.

We have all been given a gift with our children. Sure they come with flaws and their own opinions but it makes them,  well…”them”.  Like all relationships, however, the love needs to be nurtured. Whether it’s a spa day, looking at an art exhibit, watching a ball game or walking along a local beach it doesn’t take much to harness the energy, the love and make another beautiful memory we can reflect on and cherish forever.