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Hey Awesome over 50’s,

I’d like to talk for a moment about our pets.

In my case I have a little dog named Hurricane but I could be talking about your cat, hamster or budgie.

I believe that most pets give much more than they take.

The minute I come home my little dog twirls and dances, wags his tail and is crazy happy to see me. Even if I go out and grab an empty garbage can when I walk back in it seems like I was gone for hours as the dancing begins.  My dog also gives 100’s of kisses and I like that just fine.

He was rescued from a cage that I believe he was in for several months before “he found me” . He was over 4 months old and crawled out from a little bed where he was hiding from chihuahuas and poodles who began biting him as our eyes met and he gave a little lick kiss in my direction. Just as that moment a helper grabbed a poodle for someone else and I pointed to my little Yorkie so I could cuddle him and secure a loving home for him. After 6 years together I know we saved each other.

He really has unconditional love.

As I age I know that this may be my last dog. I have to add on at least 16 years to any new puppy and envision how I can take care of a dog in my later years.

For now though I continue to find my little guy as a true blessing and a wonderful addition to making my life “awesome”.