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Hey Awesome over 50’s,
CLUTTER… Just the word sends scenes of disorganization and confusion to my mind.
DE-CLUTTERING, however, sends me visions of space, opportunity and organization.

I thought I would share with you MY 3 GOLDEN RULES OF DE-CLUTTERING with you so you too can have more positive flow in your life or what many today are calling Feng Shui.

  1.  DO YOU LOVE IT?  Many say “toss” that red dress if you haven’t worn it for over 6 months. I disagree. Perhaps we haven’t worn the red dress because there hasn’t been an opportunity to wear it in the last 6 months. We could be in an opportunity to wear it to a charity event on the 7th month. My rule is “Do I love it?”  along with “Does it still fit my size and my lifestyle? If the answer is “no” it’s time to let it go.
  2.  DOES IT STILL HAVE SENTIMENTAL VALUE? I have a large memory box of old newspaper articles on my kids, essays, theater stubs and other keepsakes that I will never let go of.  Sometimes my kids and I will go through it on a rainy day and laugh and re-live those precious moments. If you are still holding on to that stuffed teddy bear that you won on a lucky day at a carnival, however, let it go. You’ll be more of a winner if you clear this kind of clutter.
  3.  IS IT BROKEN OR OBSOLETE? I actually still have old cell phones and batteries in my office closet that need to go. As I write this I still don’t know why I’ve kept them? The batteries are probably leaking toxic stuff and maybe even becoming a fire hazard.
    Here’s a note of caution here… find a safe way of disposing batteries, computers, paint etc.. Call your local re-cycling office and don’t just toss them in the garbage so they don’t seep into our soil in oue landfills.
    Now it’s time to use another 3 Golden Rules…
    TOSS… Safely dispose of it
    DONATE.. Many charities will pick up clothing and household items at your door
    KEEP… well, we covered this already so now you’re set to go! Clear the clutter and clear the path to an awesome road ahead.