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Hey Awesome over 50’s… My hair is getting lighter, or truth is… silvery-whiter.

I’ve actually made the decision to let my silver locks shine. It wasn’t an easy decision and I admit it was a bit of a  process but I’m almost there.

We’re lucky that the new look in hair today is light with dark undertones. My silver hair seems to just like the top of my head and the darker color is holding out underneath. I now get compliments on how awesome my hair looks and it has minimal upkeep.

The process of the switch-up from a full dye started when I just started putting light blonde streaks in. I knew where the nasty little silver one’s were gathering so we just let them be. Now I no longer have to see the hairdresser every 6 weeks and my light blonde streaks are just highlights. It’s also a lot healthier for me and my hair not to have dyes put on my locks so often.  I love hearing my stylist say “OK, I’ll see you in 4 months.”

Not only am I morphing into my authentic self but saving time and money as well!

Growing older is a natural process and in the case of our hair sometimes embracing the lighter side of ourselves and letting it shine through can be “awesome”.