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Hey Awesome ones,

It could be the beginning of warmer weather in the northern climates but I like to think of “here comes the sun” as an analogy for HOPE, WELL BEING and a BRIGHTER FUTURE ahead.

I believe you’re never too old to begin a new chapter in your life and focus more on happiness, love and being true to your authentic self.

I’ve started over many times in my life. Either my health was poor because I was in a career that no longer served me or I was failing at a business idea. Now I have a healthy outlook on set-backs and failure. I believe that every failure was just a learning lesson and instead of thinking of it as a set-back I would know it was a set-up for something new and a jump-start to helping me become my true authentic self.

At every low I’ve looked up. For every three steps back I pulled up my bootstraps and trudged forward, not because I wanted to be monetarily rich (this as my prime focus usually gave me failing health) but because I wanted to move forward on the path of true happiness, love, gratitude and finding what I could contribute to others, and also to my own well being.

So here’s my wish for you…Make this day the first day of the rest of your life. We all know this is not a dress rehearsal but you can set up your own big stage to brighten things up in this sometimes gloomy world.

So put on your rose-colored glassed, feel the light and let your true awesomeness shine!