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Hi Awesome ones, as many of you know I like a long wearing matte makeup but lately I’ve been noticing that it’s looking cakey and highlighting my wrinkles more. Although there are days when I need a 12 hour foundation I started looking for a dewy, glowing, fresh faced style foundation that I could wear most days and I finally found it! I’ll not only share the application and name of this foundation but also how I apply a lighter, moisturized concealer, blush, contouring and a touch of highlighter. Although my beauty and makeup videos appeal to women over 50 and over 60, this make-up tutorial could be of interest to a woman in her thirties or forties too. Enjoy! (scroll down to find products in this video)
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Strivectin Primer    StriVectin Line Blur Primer (Amazon)
Benefit Boi ing Concealer    Benefit Boi ing Hydrating Concealer (Amazon)
Concealer Brush    Concealer Brush (Amazon)
Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer    Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer (Amazon)
Shiseido Foundation Synchro Sun Glow Rose Shiseido Foundation (Amazon)
Tarte Blush Exposed Tart Blush Exposed (Amazon)
Contour Brush Selection    Contour Brush Selection (Amazon)
Too Faced Highlighted Fancy Pink Diamond    Too Faced Highlighted Fancy Pink Diamond (Amazon)
Revlon Photo Ready Anti-Shine    Revlon Photo Ready Balm (Amazon)
Revlon Photo Ready Translucent Powder    Revlon Photo Ready Translucent Powder (Amazon)
Lancome L’absolu Rouge Lipstick    Lancome Labsolu Rouge Lipstick (Amazon)

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