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Hey Awesome ones,
When was the last time that you went to a local fair and amusement park? Maybe you think there are too many crowds, you’re not interested in rides anymore or perhaps you have bad memories of losing a lot of money trying to win that big stuffed teddy bear! The good news is that many fairs, especially the large ones in major cities have changed. You don’t need to just go to the Midway or eat hot dogs anymore. In this video Bill and I have a blast at our city’s fairgrounds. We dine on food truck fare (which is really good!) we do some shopping at the craft booths, watch a local talent show and dog show, see some amazing exhibits of art and do we go on a ride or two?…well you just have to check out the video to see if we do. It’s a vlog that’s a lot of fun, so tag along!… and remember you’re only as young as you feel so if you want to feel youthful again, this is a great place to start! (video will be up late Tuesday afternoon)
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