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Hi Awesome ones,
So let’s face it, life can be so serious and structured for many of us but that’s all the more reason to put a bit more “fun” into our everyday life.  One way that I like to have a bit of a playful day is through my accessories, jewelry, shoes and fashion. So in this video you will find my top 5 favorite items that put a smile on my face and perhaps even others around me.
You’ve also been asking for names and where you can get many of the products I used in my video, so here they are for this one! We couldn’t find many of the exact matches but tried to find something close.  Below are some links if you would like to browse and perhaps purchase some of them.  (scroll down to find the products) If you do order online make sure you know any delivery costs for your country including any applicable duty. Look also at the upper right hand corner of the website and they may have an area to pick your country. A big “Thank You” if you do since we make a little commission on a sale and really appreciate that!

Fun Fashion Socks for Women    Fun Fashion Socks for Women   (Amazon)

Fun Earrings    Fun Earrings  (Amazon)

Fun Mickey Mouse Watches    Fun Mickey Mouse Watches (Amazon)

Fun Tigger Sweatshirt    Tigger Sweatshirt  (Amazon)

Rock and Roll Tee Shirts    Rock and Roll Tee Shirts (Amazon)

Fun Fashion Rain Boots    Fun Fashion Rain Boots (Amazon)

Converse Shoes    Converse Sneakers for Women in various colors (Amazon)

Retro Dresses   Retro Dresses for Women  (Amazon)

Fun Fringe Jackets  Faux Suede Retro Fringe Jackets  (Amazon)