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Hey Awesome ones…today I’m showing you various style looks to help you find your fashion style. I’ll be talking about elegant/classic, sporty, bohemian, retro & fashionista looks for your wardrobe. You might gravitate towards one or find that you could mix & match your styling mood as I do on any given day. I’ll be showing skirts, pants, dresses, tops, jackets, shoes, boots & accessories such a jewelry choices to help you complete the themed looks. Although my fashion videos attract women over 50 or over 60, this how to video could be of interest to a woman in her thirties or forties too. Enjoy! (scroll down to find information on many of the clothing & accessories mentioned in the video)
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Carolily Finery Jewelry…
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The “Heather” Silver Bracelet
The “Heather” Silver Earrings
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The “Heather” Gold Necklace
The “Heather” Gold Bracelet
The “Heather” Gold Earrings
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Fashion Pieces for some of my outfits…
Floral Print Boho Blouse    Floral Print Boho Blouse (Amazon)
Striped V-Neck Blouse    Striped V Neck Blouse (Amazon)
Southwestern Poncho Blanket    Southwestern Poncho Blanket (Amazon)
Sporty Vest    Sporty Vest (Amazon)
Columbia Vests    Columbia Vests (Amazon)
Long Sleeve Hoodie  Long Sleeve Hoodie (Amazon)
Fringe Jacket    Fringe Jacket (Amazon)
White T-Shirts with wic-a-way    White T Shirts Wic A Way (Amazon)
Nike Training Jacket    Nike Training Jacket (Amazon)
Nike Athletic Shoes    Nike Athletic Shoes (Amazon)
Women’s Ski Jacket    Ski Jacket (Amazon)
Stretch Yoga Pants    Stretch Yoga Pants (Amazon)
Fitbit Exercise Watch    Fitbit Exercise Watch (Amazon)
Jack Smith Skort    Jack Smith Skort (Amazon)
Denim Burmuda Shorts    Denim Bermuda Shorts (Amazon)
Satin Cami Tops    Satin Cami Tops (Amazon)
Parisian Stripe Top    Parisian Stripe Top (Amazon)
Straw Hat    Straw Hat (Amazon)
Straw Handbags    Straw Handbags (Amazon)
Black Jumpsuit Selection    Black Jumpsuits (Amazon)
Women’s Selection of Headbands    Headbands (Amazon)
Small Crossbody Purse    Small Crossbody Purse (Amazon)
Animal Print Scarf    Animal Print Scarf (Amazon)
Polka Dot scarf    Polka Dot Scarves (Amazon)
Bohemian Retro Dress    Bohemian Fun Dress (Amazon)
Pencil Skirt    Pencil Skirt (Amazon)
Converse Sneaker Selection    Converse Sneakers (Amazon)
Red Dress    Red Dress (Amazon)
Summer Little Black Dress    Little Black Dress (Amazon)
Classic Black Moto Jacket    Classic Black Moto Jacket (Amazon)
Tall Black Boots    Tall Black Boots (Amazon)
Selection of Concert Tee’s    Selection of Concert Tees (Amazon)
100% Cashmere Cardigan    Cashmere Cardigan (Amazon)
Black Long Sleeve Lace Blouse    Black Long Sleeve Lace Blouse (Amazon)

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