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Hey Awesome ones,
Whether you’re at home, at the cottage or visiting a friend who needs some cheering up, watching a great movie is a wonderful way to spend some time. Whether that movie is streamed, rented online or just played on your old DVD player you drift off and spend a magical time relaxing and chilling out.
In this video Bill talks about his top 10 movies that he would (and does) see over and over again. There is a great array of suspense, comedy and dramas in his selections and Bill explains why these movies are his go-to choices for a night being immersed in a good story line.
So where are Heather’s selections? …Well, stay tuned and Heather will be here next week to give you her 10 top movie choices! (scroll down if you would like to see info on the DVD’s Bill picked)

***Please Note: Check The Region on the Movie to see if it can play in your Country or region***
***The selections listed below are for Region 1 (U.S. and Canada region)***

Casablanca    Casablanca Movie (Amazon)

The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)    The Thomas Crown Affair    (Amazon)

Raiders of The Lost Ark    Raiders of The Lost Ark   (Amazon)

Something About Mary    Something About Mary   (Amazon)

Titanic    Titanic   (Amazon)

Slumdog Millionaire    Slumdog Millionaire   (Amazon)

Jerry Maguire    Jerry Maguire   (Amazon)

The Social Network    The Social Network   (Amazon)

Sideways    Sideways   (Amazon)

The Big Lebowski    The Big Lebowski   (Amazon)

Gourmet Popcorn Kernels    Popcorn   (Amazon)

Try some Pure Maple Syrup Over Popcorn    Pure Maple Syrup   (Amazon)
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