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Hey Awesome ones,

There’s something magical about being among the trees, brooks and nature that just seems to rejuvenate the soul. Maybe it’s the fresh air and oxygen that’s in abundance or perhaps it’s the magic that occurs when you turn off your devices and sit in the stillness of just being. If you combine that with a little hike you’re probably going to have an awesome day and sleep like a baby. We hope you enjoy this short video as we experience a hike through nature and although we want you to tag along with us now, also make plans for your own day to experience this awesome abundance that awaits for you to discover.

You’ve also been asking for names and where you can get many of the products seen in our videos, so here they are! We have below some links if you would like to browse and perhaps purchase some of them.  (scroll down to find the products)
If you do order online make sure you know any delivery costs for your country including any applicable duty. Look also at the upper right hand corner of the website and they may have an area to pick your country. A big “Thank You” if you do since we make a little commission on a sale and really appreciate that!

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