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Hey Awesome over 50’s,  Pot Luck parties aren’t just for the young or budget conscious anymore.

If you want to have an awesome get together go ahead and say “we’re having a pot-luck “.

I’ve found that attending pot-lucks and hosting them is fun all-round. From the single guys who bring in cases of beer and dump 20 fast food cheeseburgers on the serving table to the specific foods from my guests home country that are tasty, sometimes amazingly spicy and a treat to try! There’s also the added benefit that many with dietary needs such as gluten free or peanut free will enjoy their food and not be left hungry. Another great thing is that most of your friends over 50 have one special signature dish that is just divine! They want to share it, you want to eat it and everyone wins!!
Now if you dread cooking and don’t have a dish, here’s a quick 5 minute one to prepare the day of the party.

Go to the grocery store and buy…

A throw away 9″ square baking tin

A tub of sour cream

Grated cheddar cheese in a bag

Large jar of salsa, medium spice

Green onions

2 bags of nachos, maybe restaurant style or scoop-style


Pour salsa in bottom of pan

Drip spoonfuls of sour cream on top of salsa

Shake the grated cheddar on top

Wash and chop the green part of 3 green onions and sprinkle on top

Cover with tin foil, put in fridge

When ready to go, grab the 2 bags of nachos and “TAH DAH!!”

This is my go-to dish when I’m strapped for time and it looks like I really tried.  Quick and easy to make and yours will be one of the most popular dishes from the start to the end of the party, plus no clean up of a dish to worry about.

Enjoy your get togethers and if you’re hosting, have more of them with this stress-free pot-luck format.

Some days are just meant for playing. Mark down some fun-days with friends and add this one to your list.

Have an awesome party!


Here’s something that can help at your next pot-luck get-together. This blender is great for making pina coladas , strawberry daiquiris, or margaritas  quickly for your guests