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Hey Awesome over 50’s,  allow me to introduce my husband Bill.

I’m sharing my “Awesome over 50” journey with someone who has been my soulmate for 20 years.

If you have been fortunate to find yours, please do a shout-out here and share why you know he or she is your soulmate.

Here’s why Bill is mine…

I met Bill when I was a single Mom and he was a single Dad. He had 2 boys age 5 and 7 and I had 2 girls 5 and 7. We were an instant mini Brady Bunch when we fell in love.  My ex-husband was an alcoholic and died from this terrible addiction.  Bill didn’t hesitate to step up to fill the Dad role to my 2 girls.

There isn’t enough space or time here to describe how my life journey is awesome with Bill in my life.  I remember  mentioning to Bill when we met that I was a romantic . We have had “dates” almost every Friday ever since and we’re usually planning our next date as we’re on our Friday date.  It gives our relationship something to look forward to and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. We also have a list on the wall of our home office of at least 20 things, divided by seasons, that we want to do this year.  They include such things as from bike riding excursions, the ballet, pot luck house party, golfing, going to the library to hear one of our favorite authors speak and a vacation.

As with every relationship, we have to work on it. We’ve had our ups and downs experiencing family illness and death, the risks and pitfalls of working together with a home business, the teenage years with our kids and many other times we needed to lean on each other to stay strong. There has been laughter, tears, risk, joy, heartaches and hope.  One of the things we are working on right now is being in the middle of our own personal “sandwich generation”.  Bill has a 93 year old mother who wants to stay at home plus my 2 daughters have moved back in with us. We moved 30 miles from our family home to an urban area where house prices were 4x greater than what we sold for. We are now just 2 minutes from Bill’s Mom but renting. A shock to our system since we’ve both been homeowners since 1984.

We know love has sacrifices but somehow it doesn’t seem like sacrifices at all. It’s just the ebb and flow of life to us.

My wish is that you have love close by whether that be a friend, spouse, son, daughter, partner or pet to share your journey and if you do have that special someone, shout it out here and share your special connection with our Awesome over 50 community.