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Hey Awesome ones,  sometimes we have an important meeting, lunch or even a Gala to go to where we just want to look a little more elegant and a little more classy. Instead of breaking the bank and going all out on designer shoes and high-end fashion I thought I would share with you 7 tips to make your look a little more classy with these style touches. Many of the clothes I’m mentioning here you might even have in your wardrobe right now, so sit back, take some notes and bring your fashion style up a notch.
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Similar to Heather’s long black blazer   Office and Casual long Blazer   (Amazon)

White V Neck blouse for office and casual    White V Neck Blouse   (Amazon)

Black Elastic Waist Stretch Pencil Skirt    Black Elastic waist stretch pencil skirt   (Amazon)

Office to Casual black slacks   Office to casual black slacks   (Amazon)

Black and white polka dot chiffon scarfs   Chiffon Scarfs   (Amazon)

Elongate your look with a thin black purse    Slim black Purse   (Amazon)

Little black dress  Black Dress   (Amazon)

Little red dress    Little Red Dress   (Amazon)

Shapewear panties    Shapewear Panties   (Amazon)

Shaping Bodysuit    Shapewear Bodysuit   (Amazon)

Classic Camel Coat    Classic Camel Coat   (Amazon)

Animal print scarf    Animal Print Scarf   (Amazon)

Black lightweight turtle neck   Black Turtleneck    (Amazon)

Find your statement necklace look    Statement Necklaces   (Amazon)

Find your gold statement necklace look    Gold Statement Necklace Choices   (Amazon)

Posture Correction Brace    Posture Correction Brace   (Amazon)

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