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Hey Awesome ones,

Keeping the weight off over 50 is tough. It seems that I just look at a piece of chocolate cake and gain 5 pounds!
I’ve learned so much however, from my modelling days when I was younger and how obsessing about weight can be dangerous. I, myself, suffered from bulimia. I just kind of snuck up on me and I didn’t even realize I was trapped in the cycle until Princess Diana called it by it’s proper diagnosis…bulimia.

Nowadays I know how to control any obsessing about my weight. I need to eat healthy, exercise and keep a good mental attitude on how I look. If I feel I’m adding pounds I just imagine myself losing the weight and adjust my exercise to a bit more time and eat more healthy veggies and fruit.

I created this video because I truly care about the dangers to your health if you obsess about your weight or turn to get-thin-fast fad diets or admire unhealthy stick-thin model body images. Please note that this is not a body shaming vlog but simply a way to say “be happy with who you are, and get to a healthy body and state of mind”.  I sincerely hope this video helps anyone going down the road that I went on in my youth. That

destination will not be a healthy one, and I really hope you don’t get trapped as I once did.