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Hey awesome ones, we found 5 great tech items that we not only bought for under $100 but love to use! These tech gadgets also make great holiday, birthday and Christmas gift ideas for men, women and teenagers as they range from $49. to $99. If Bill & I over 50 folks can not only get them started but use them on almost a daily basis, don’t be afraid to try them out. There are also many Youtube tutorial videos to help get your technology exercise monitors, voice activated products, speakers, apps, dashcams and other items started. At these cheap prices and lifestyle benefits they will help you in many ways and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
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Amazon Voice activated devices    Amazon Echo with Alexa (Amazon)

Sony Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers    Sony Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers (Amazon)

Fitbit Alta Exercise Wrist Monitors    Fitbit Alta Exercise Monitor (Amazon)

Fitbit Alta Bands for Women    Fitbit Alta Bands for Women (Amazon)

Fitbit Alta Bands for Men    Fitbit Alta Bands for Men (Amazon)

Fitbit Alta Bracelets for Women    Fitbit Alta Bracelets for Women (Amazon)

Choose a Dashcam for your Car    Dashcams for Cars (Amazon)

ipads and Tablets    iPads and Tablets (Amazon)

Doorbell Ring Devices    Door Bell Ring Devices (Amazon)

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