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Hey Awesome over 50’s, have you ever wished you could trade in your current car for a convertible?

I have had a convertible for 17 out of the last 20 years and it really is a treat! However, here are my top 10 concerns for buying a convertible…

#1.  If you live in an area that gets snow, make sure there is good traction and ask if the car is safe for snowy driving (check reviews too)

#2.  If it passes the above test, get the proper snow tires for it!

#3.  Try to find a convertible with some kind of roll bar for a possible turn-over

#4.  If you have a family or need to still drive the kids places, get a 4 seater (you’ll be glad you did).

#5.  Don’t let the salesperson talk you into a standard transmission if you really want an automatic, the transmission doesn’t make you cool, being a confident driver does.

#6. Make sure you also do a test drive with the top up. Can you see clearly? Some convertibles I’ve driven have blind spots all over the place with a small back window… not for me.

#7. Get a convertible where in 1 minute the top goes down. Zip out windows and tops that need to be put away are a pain, believe me, I know.

#8.  Keep your windows up when driving through unknown areas or if you feel insecure driving alone. Sure, you won’t look “cool” but you’ll be safer.

#9.  Make sure you have trunk room. If the top is down is there still room for luggage or your golf clubs?

#10.  Above all “drive safe”. Remember that you are still motoring with tons of metal barreling down the road.  Drive the speed limit and keep enjoying a long life ahead of you with this “awesome” new dream machine.