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It’s Fall 2022 and it’s time for a re-set in many ways.  As the cooler air and crisp Autumn days fills our lives with the beauty of leaves changing, isn’t it time for us to change too?
How about feeling more youthful? Now, when I say this, I don’t mean trying to “be” younger. This is a wiser, more fulfilled youthful feeling without wearing mini skirts or Daisy Duke cut-off shorts.  Also, let’s change the negative chatter we say to ourselves. Feel your soul arise as you think of what you have done and can contribute to those around you in the future and let your light shine. The world needs more of that these days. –


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We’re on this journey together. Let’s enjoy this chapter of our lives and rock this world!!


Thanks For Your Comments

Janice T.

I’m 58 yrs old & have not worn makeup since my mid-20s and now you are the one to teach me how to put the stuff on LOL

Carol S.

Thank you for all the wonderful videos you and Bill are making. I am a retired school teacher and wanted to let you know how enjoyable it is to watch your videos…


I cannot put into words how freaking happy I am to have found your channel, oh my word, now to binge watch all your tutorials! :o)